Music for Autumn Term 2017 to include (provisionally)…

  • Chabrier – Joyeuse March – IMSLP
  • Brahms – Symphony no. 2, first movement only – IMSLP – see notes below
  • Clarke – Two Royal Marches.
  • Waldteufel – Skaters’ Waltz (Les Patineurs) – see notes below
  • Hess – Christmas Overture
  • Rimsky-Korsakov – Polonaise from the Christmas Eve Suite – IMSLP – see notes below


Music for the Chabrier, Brahms, and Rimsky-Korsakov are available on IMSLP – please click on the links (above), scroll down to “Sheet Music/Parts”, then find your chosen instrument. Transposed parts for clarinets/trumpets will be supplied at rehearsal, if required, together with other music and possibly cleaner copies of the Waldteufel.**

Clarinets, Horns and Trumpets: transposed parts are already available on the IMSLP page – scroll lower down the ‘Parts’ page.

Rimsky-Korsakov: just print out from Figure 182 (Moderato) to Figure 204

**Update: We now have cleaner copies of the parts for the Waldteufel and these will be distributed at rehearsal. Please do not use the IMSLP version – it’s harder to read, and may be a slightly different edition.


Much of the music that we play may be downloaded for free at sites such as IMSLP
Petrucci Music Library Members who have access to printers are invited to print out the appropriate parts in advance of rehearsals. Please also consider printing out extra copies for colleagues who may not have download/printing facilities. We can arrange for transposition to other keys/instruments if required.

NOTE: The IMSLP site now sometimes asks for membership subscription before downloading. You may enrol if you wish, but if you wait long enough you will see a “Click here to continue your download” button – it’s still free.

If you are unable to download music parts, please click here to contact librarians


Click here to view the archive of concert programmes.
Click here for a pdf list of the repertoire from previous concerts.



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  1. Karen Hunter says:

    Mmm, nice. Here’s hoping no one gets seasick during the Mendelssohn 😉

    I presume the concert will be padded out by sickeningly talented individuals and ensembles?

  2. jane macdiarmid says:

    What a brilliant start to the new season – the music selection is fab!!

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