The Merchant Sinfonia was originally founded in 2008, under the auspices of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra as part of its outreach programme. After five successful years the orchestra gained sufficient momentum to flee the nest and, with support from Glasgow Life, is now an independent organization, whilst continuing to enjoy amicable associations with the BBC SSO team.

Regular rehearsals are on Tuesday evenings, 7:30-9:00pm, in Glasgow City Halls.

Committee members, as of October 2018:

Jenny Kenny (percussion) – chair (2018-2021)
Alison Scott (flute)– vice-chair, Glasgow Life liaison (2016-2019)**
Anne Richards (percussion) – treasurer (2016-2019, 2nd term)
Jane Macdiarmid (trumpet) – secretary (2017-2020)
Fiona Kindness (violin) – librarian (2016-2019, 2nd term)
Dominique Somers (flute) – librarian (2016-2019, 2nd term)
David Formstone (violin) – tutor coordination (2017-2020)
Alan Cooper (oboe) – website/enrolment team (2016–2019, 2nd term)
Ernie Spencer (cello) – tutor coordination (2018-2021, 2nd term)
Eileen Wilson (clarinet) – librarian (2018–2021)
Allison Grant (cello) – membership secretary/enrolment team (2018-2021, 2nd term)

** deceased 24 Jan 2019

Minutes of committee meetings are available from the secretary, on request.

Merchant Sinfonia is a member of Making Music


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