Inaugural meeting

Progress: following the designated period of open consultation, there was a meeting of the working group on Tuesday 2 July, followed by the…

Initial General meeting of the Founding Members

  1. To adopt the Constitution of Merchant Sinfonia
  2. To agree the Principles governing Playing Membership
  3. To authorise the opening of a bank account and the initial signatories thereto
  4. To approve the arrangements for widening the membership
  5. To authorise the convening of a General Meeting of the Membership in September 2013

This is a formal exercise, with the working group acting as founder members so that we may proceed to the next stage. Briefly…

Feedback on the draft constitution and membership has been overwhelmingly positive, and the constitution has now been adopted with just minor ammendments. The final document can be seen via the link on the Constitution page.

We anticipate that the bank account will open towards the end of July, at which stage general membership enrolment can begin – details later. The annual membership fee will be £10, payable at the time of enrolment, preferably by internet bank transfer.

The designated week for playing membership applications is (provisionally) 19-25 August. Watch this space!

The first rehearsal of the new Merchant Sinfonia will be on Tuesday 10th September. This will be preceded by a brief General Meeting of the Membership to formally approve and elect a Committee.

So, everything going to plan so far. As always, keep watching…

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