“Acquire” Sing-through event

Players invited for an Acquire Glasgow Sing-through of “Jesus Christ Superstar” on the weekend of 29-30 September 2018. Details below.


Dear Merchant Sinfonia,

I am writing to inform you of a musical project running in Glasgow.

I’m the Orchestra Manager for Acquire, a choral musical theatre group. We are about to embark upon our second Sing-through event.

The idea is we learn, play and sing through an entire musical score across one weekend. After the success of our inaugural Sing-through, Titanic: The Musical, we’ve decided to try something even more ambitious. With that in mind, we are thrilled that our next Sing-through will be Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s iconic ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’!

It will be ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ as you’ve never heard it before! It’s not every day you get to perform in a 36-piece orchestra so this will really be an unmissable event.

This Sing-through is as much about the singers as it is about you, the orchestra. We are looking to have a huge orchestra of over 40 musicians in an even bigger venue than last time. The event begins on Saturday morning, when we begin the process of learning the score, culminating in playing/singing through the score in its entirety on the Sunday afternoon. This is not performed in front of an audience; it’s just for enjoyment and fun. Those involved will receive their scores roughly two weeks in advance.

You can find the full list of instruments we require and all of the details about the Sing-through at this link: www.acquire.org.uk/jcs-musician-sign-up

We are hoping due to the short-term nature of this that we might be able to widen our network and work with musicians from around Scotland.

If you have any additional questions before committing to sign up, please email jimi@acquire.org.uk

I hope that this might be of interest to some of your players.

Yours sincerely,

Niall Murray
Orchestra Manager
Acquire Glasgow

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