Curry night

There will be a Merchant Sinfonia Curry Night on Tuesday 1st December. Please sign up at next rehearsal.

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3 Responses to Curry night

  1. fiona kindness says:

    Hi Jane – you still looking for violins? I’m interested , but never been to the Ullapool week before – have heard lots of good things about it. (Yes – now I’m in the Curry night section too!, but never mind:) Fiona

  2. jane macdiarmid says:

    Yes, I do realise this has nothing to do with our proposed curry night. I’ve posted in wrong place but never mind.

  3. jane macdiarmid says:

    I am currently looking for 2 violins to make up a quartet, for a week next summer in Ullapool. Anyone interested please please PLEASE get in touch with me! Jane .


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