June concert thanks

On behalf of the Committee can I both congratulate and thank you all for producing such a wonderful Concert at City Halls yesterday.  I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and came away with a real sense of achievement in producing such a good sound.  The audience really appeared to enjoy the programme and I thought the mix of orchestral and ensemble pieces worked well.

It was wonderful to have Anna and Declan, together with professionals Jeremy, Alan, Kevin and Victoria supplementing our strength for the afternoon and I hope that the sections involved found this support helpful.  My thanks, as always, go to Elldon for all his hard work behind the scenes (and on percussion), to the various members of the Committee and, of course, to Louise whose calm and patient attitude not only got us to the Concert intact, but also finally delivered the required emphasis on her (much requested) pause bars and dynamic contrasts!

Details for nest Season will be posted on the website sometime in late-July or early-August, once the dates etc are finalised, so keep watching that space!  In the meantime I send best wishes for a relaxing and refreshing Summer break (whatever the weather!).

Tony Strachan (Chair)

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