Post concert…

I want to thank everyone involved with Merchant Sinfonia for their participation in a thoroughly enjoyable concert on Sunday afternoon.  It is always a thrill to be able to play in a major Concert Hall but for a Community Orchestra of mixed abilities to play such major pieces after only a few months of weekly rehearsals is a major achievement.  We had a good audience today and the feedback from those I have spoken too has been remarkably positive. However I hope that all of us enjoyed the experience.  I hope that these sentiments will also be passed on to the various professionals and others who supported us and who seem to agree that in Merchant Sinfonia we have something rather special.

My special thanks to Louise, Elldon and the rest of the Committee, without whom none of this would be possible.

I look forward to the next Season, starting in February – watch out on the website for details of the application period starting 21 January!

Best wishes to you all,

Tony Strachan
Chair, Merchant Sinfonia

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3 Responses to Post concert…

  1. Jane MacDiarmid says:

    Hi Everyone, just wanted to say hello and congratulations on a great concert. Despite the awful weather there was a really good turnout for the audience. The whole afternoon was lovely but I feel that Susato and Von Suppe stood out as the 2 top pieces. For one reason or another I’ve had to forgo playing in 3 concerts but have come to listen and I can say that each time you have simply improved on the last. Keep up the good work ! Many congrats to wonderful Louise who works wonders with us all! Best wishes, Jane.

  2. Lyndsey Cromar says:

    Thank you, Tony.

    I thought I would share with all those who participated in today’s concert that we made an impact on at least one person. One member of the audience, who is known to be completely deaf in one ear, commented to me after the concert about the fullness of the sound of the orchestra today, and remarked that the sound is improving each time we play in the hall.

    Well done, everyone.

  3. Lesley Hay says:

    It was a fabulous afternoon. I still can’t play anywhere near all of the notes, but every session I feel I get a wee bit more experienced. Also, my game face gets better each time, even though inside I’m on a roller coaster of panic. Afterwards that’s quickly forgotten and I’m left with a feeling that it was ENORMOUS FUN. Thank you to the committee and to our pros, and to Louise for convincing us we can do it and steering us through. Roll on February!


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