Viola needed for Basically Quartets course

Viola vacancy on the Basically Quartets course…

Now in it’s seventh year, Basically Quartets is fast becoming one of the UK’s most preeminent chamber music courses. Basically Quartets will be held twice this summer: Opus One August 9th – 14th and Opus Two August 16th – 21st. Opus 2 is fully subscribed, but there is one remaining viola vacancy on Opus 1. This spot would best suit a competent, intermediate level player, with or without previous quartet experience.

In addition to the rehearsal and coaching sessions one would expect on a chamber music course, at Basically Quartets interesting workshops are offered on a variety of related topics such as rehearsal and practise techniques, an overview of the string quartet literature and injury prevention for musicians. Another unique feature of the course is a common work of study; in addition to each group’s chosen repertoire, all participants are asked to become familiar with a selected Haydn quartet (this year Opus 64/3) which provides a reference point for lectures and facilitates “mix and match” sessions where participants work with members of other groups.

Full course details, registration form, brochure, photos and participants’ comments are available on the website:

Posted on behalf of Christine Gale Harrison (Course Director)

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