29th May update

Very productive first meeting of the transitional working group last night (29 May 2013), and everything is looking good so far. More details will emerge soon, but here are some of the major points (subject to confirmation)…

  • We seem to be on track for a reasonably seamless transition, and should have all the admin in place for the re-start in September.
  • Glasgow Life has pencilled us in for regular Tuesday evening Studio One rehearsals next session, and Louise is pressing for confirmation of the dates.
  • We have a draft Constitution, to be finalised over the next couple of weeks, at which stage it will be made available here for comments. This will allow us to open a bank account and set up membership enrolment procedures.
  • Everyone is in total agreement that the Merchant Sinfonia ethos should continue as before – open access, no audition, transparent enrolment, etc…
  • To this end we are devising a more effective enrolment process – no more “9 a.m. dash” – details soon.
  • Various (reasonably priced) sources for music have been identified, and percussion issues are resolved (at least in the short term).

Working group tasks:

  •  Tony Strachan (chair), Gib Fitzgibbon – constitution and membership issues
  • Anne Richards, Gillian Lever – financial arrangements
  • Alison Scott – enrolment forms and Glasgow Life liaison
  • Louise Martin, Allison Grant, Fiona Kindness, Dominique Somers – music
  • Gillian Batters – meetings and minutes
  • Alan Cooper – website


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