Happy 2014

Time to blow/scrape the cobwebs off…

The committee will be meeting on 15 January to finalise details for next term. The provisional start date is Tuesday 18 February, and player application details will appear here soon.

Meanwhile, if you have not done so already, please take 5 minutes to complete the online player feedback form (email admin@merchantsinfonia.org.uk if you have lost the link).

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6 Responses to Happy 2014

  1. Judith Bateman says:

    Eileen you will be made most welcome. I too was a clarinetist who had not kept it up. I joined with some trepidation having not blown a note in 25 years. You are in good company and will love it!

    • Eileen Wilson says:

      Thank you Judith, I am delighted to be joining the orchestra and look forward to meeting you all. I am a little unsure what to do next, I understand I have to buy a ticket for the rehearsals, are these available on- line next week? or do I have to come up to Glasgow in person, can you let me know? thanks Eileen

      • admin says:

        No, everything is done online via this website, so no need to come to Glasgow – except for rehearsals, of course… there are some things we can’t do on the web! Please check your email for details.

      • maria clarke says:

        Hi Eileen. Like you I gave up playing (violin) for many years. I had always just played for fun and didn’t do any exams, but I just didn’t seem to find time for it in my working life. It was my retirement project to pick it up again – and I am loving very minute of it now, especially in the Merchant Sinfonia. Look forward to seeing you.

  2. Eileen Wilson says:

    I play clarinet and have been having lessions from Rebecca Whitener, she has sugggested that I could perhaps join the Merchant Sinfonia. She has taught the clarinet section in the past, and she has a pupil who is a member and recommended it to me. She suggested joining for two reasons, firstly when I satrted lessons I said my aim would be to join an amateur orchestra and secondly she believes the orchestra is an excellent way to improve my skills.
    I played when I was at school but did not ‘keep it up’
    I am 57 years old and a GP and have never sat a music exam
    I would be grateful if you would consider allowing me to join the orchestra.
    Thanks Eileen


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