Spring 2016 starts Tuesday!

Reminder to all Merchant Sinfonia players…

Regular rehearsals for the Spring 2016 season start next Tuesday, 16 February, 7:30pm – see the “Rehearsals” page for full details. Studio 1 is usually available from 7pm-ish for warm-up.

Don’t forget:

  • Sign in at the front desk (Stage Door, Albion St) – all paid-up playing members should be on the list.
  • Apologies for absence should be emailed to Alison at: liaison@merchantsinfonia.org.uk
  • Bring your music for the Dvorak and Offenbach pieces – see the “Music” page if you haven’t yet got them (other pieces and transpositions will be supplied at rehearsal) – https://merchantsinfonia.org.uk/music/
  • Bring a music stand, if you have one (there may be some available in Studio 1, but they are usually of doubtful quality).

Committee members will be there early (for a committee meeting) and on hand thereafter to troubleshoot and advise, especially new members – please help if anyone seems unsure what to do.

Many members retire to the pub after rehearsal – usually Babbity Bowster – just follow the crowd.

And finally…

Be prepared to have some serious fun!

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